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191 - 192

Fire Department or civil protection


Ambulance and first aid


Useful numbers

Complains concerning hotels' services

06 4642311

Flights information Royal Jordanian

06 4453200

Air France

06 5666055


Tourist offices in Aqaba

03 2013633


03 2157020


04 451272


05 543376


International calls

International call cost: 1.20 JD/mn
One can find cards of 3.-/5.-/8.- JD + 13% tax
Caution: The cost is different in the hotels: 3.50 JD the minute. In certain hotels, you pay obligatorily the first three minutes even if your call lasts only one minute..
Nb: You can use an international card for a national call.


Personal transportation

Local buses: maximum -.30 JD or 300 fils
Taxi: 160 fils to start.. The maximum cost for a transfer between two points in Amman is 5.- JD. The normal cost for a transfer from the hotel to the down town varies between 1.- JD and 2.- JD, with the proviso of not taking the hotels' taxis.


Day off

The weekly day off is Friday. The stores are generally closed except the large supermarkets and malls. The “souk” of the down town remain open.


Opening hours

Governmental offices

: 08h00 - 15h00, from Sunday tot Thursday

During Ramadan

: 09h00 - 14h00, from Sunday to Thursday


: 08h00 - 15h00, from Sunday to Thursday

Trade organizations

: 09h00 - 19h00, from Saturday to Thursday


: 09h00 - end of the day.

Certain supermarkets are open 24h.



Jordan counts a great number of elite doctors, and has hospitals fully equipped with all the latest necessary material. Some useful numbers:

Jordan Hospital

06 5607550

Shmeisani Hospital

06 5607462

Ambulance and first aid


Al Khaldi Hospital

06 4644281

Arab Center for Heart & Special Surgery

06 5921199


Temperatures in Jordan


from -1° to 16°


from 11° to 31°


from 20° to 45°


from 13° to 36°

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