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The city of Pella of the most prestigious and oldest cities in the province of Kafr el-Sheikh and was considered a commercial hub and economically important in view of its strategic position is overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, before it separates the northern part of the debtors two independent Hamul and Baltim and was called in the past and specifically in Hsr Pharaohs "Balaq" thenmisrepresented to "Bilas" during the reign of Ptolemy and finally settled on Bella for ease of pronunciation.

Known for Bella as a country proud inhabited people of Liberals did not one day be subject to any of the feudal or any kind of authority Cairo for freedom or negative to it, so when he tried some thugs use grip and tyranny to impose royalties on its people during the events of revenge between two families and their followers , revolted people in the face of Halaoualzalim who tried to rape their liberty and that was in 1977 and burned a police station Bella and the Court of Bella and the train station and clashed with security forces who tried to stop them from expressing their anger control these thugs and weakness security authorities and failing and failing to arrest these thugs have I talked broadcasts world revolution Bella on two levels at the global level and the Arab, at the global level because the Court Bella was the second court in the world are incinerated after the New York Court In this signify a injustice and the lack of justice and this recorded the incident and the revolution people Bella injustice in the annals of world history On the Arab level because Sadat was on a break with most Arab countries due to his visit to Israel and found the Arab countries an opportunity to smear system Sadat and described what happened from the people of Bella as a political revolution in the face of the Sadat regime and this far from the truth, though forced these events Sadat to give a speech in front of Parliament to cut and tells and shows the real reason for the revolution people Bella, and the great writer Anis Mansour annexation of a His chapter entitled Albeelloukratih ratio (for Bella) due the revolution people Bella to bureaucratic Blida and sterile .. therefore burning court was not coupled with the existence of any occupation and this science ,

He also added also a patch of what is being said by mistake to name Bella, "The city of Pella was called by this name in relation to God knows / Bialy Apognam, as some people think .. but just the opposite is true, he who belonged to Bella was called Bialy, rate them as Nlqub who came from Eastern Balherquaoy proportion to Eastern or Fayoumy relative to Fayoum .. It belonged to Bella, not Bella is of enrolled him .. for it is a country Pharaonic old found before birth Baqrohna many and gained its present name from its name Pharaonic old where they were called "Balaq" or "pilaf" or "Bilas" and meaning Balfronah "furthest inhabited or uninhabited in the north" .. As the original name does not have a final Bialy.

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