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Is located 4 kilometers south of the city of Theban and a depth of approximately 500 meters and hails from the south 9 kilometers and 11 kilometers upwards. The Arabs launched this valley of the term "positive" derived from "shall" means "fallen causing a stir" any waters descend emitting Hadera. And standing on one side of the offeror watching a crooked path descend and then ascend and watched the deep divide caused by the earthquakes in remote times. Despite the difficult that region and Rhptha but nature and the magnificence of prestige raise self-feelings of deep respect for Mother Nature.

King wrote, "Micha" and paved the way in Wadi Mujib and Romans paved with stones and put stones on both sides of the road and built castles and put garrisons for their protection and the protection of convoys that were passing by.

And (purchasers) to Amman, tiger among Divisions Mount said to him: positive. A great valley bottom and passes between these two peoples. And are not so far apart, how much man can speak to a man and two were standing on the banks of the river, to hear each other. Down the Salek six miles and climb six miles.

The Valley has positive effects Nabataean and Roman fortress and protects the entrance Valley squares towers.

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